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SmartRead can translate text to speech (TTS technology ) to read out clearly
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13 April 2008

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SmartRead can transform text to speech (TTS technology) to read out clearly. It is very easy to use.

Pros: SmartRead can transform text to speech (TTS technology) read from text file. The user interaction area is laid out nicely with few simple controls. There’s a large text entry area where text can be entered or a file loaded for reading. When new text is entered, the voice reads out each character as an aid to correct data entry. When reading from a full text file one can opt to convert the text file into audio files of WAV, MP3 or SWF file formats. “Transform” button initiates the function. Set the quality parameter such as sampling rate etc and the conversion can start. This has the advantage of getting two things done simultaneously for example. While preparing the text of a tele-seminar, one can automatically generate the voice/audio file for the same.

Getting a file read out is simple. Set the rate slider, the volume slider click on the “Read” button and the read function starts. The third slider shows how much of the file has been read at any time.

Cons: In the character entry mode the application reads every character as they are entered. This could be very distracting. When you keep back space over a word for example the application keeps reading the character at the cursor too and that is quite distracting again. The rate and volume settings too have an impact on this factor. If the rate is little too fast and the volume is a little too high the regular reading too gets to be uncomfortable. The pronunciation also is not very clear though quite intelligible. Changing the available voice did not help much.

Overall a rating of 2 stars.

Publisher's description

SmartRead can translate text to speech (TTS technology ) to read out clearly. It is very easy to use, needn't have any speech knowledge , check the article for you, read long text, have very obvious advantages. [2008/03/31] 1, Add MP3,SWF(flash) file convert 2, Play TTS in IE [2007/07/31] 1, Unify website 2, Repair ctrl+A bug 3, Repair help file 4, Repair install problem in Windows Installer 3.1 [2007/05/31] 1, Set whether startup Online information. 2, Add high light for sentence. 3, Add reading tip when input character or text. 4, Upgrade update function. 5, Support for Windows Vista OS. Basic function: 1. Can read aloud XSF file with Chinese and English . 2. Improve volume setting,keep same with main volume,change through Ctrl+Up/Down. 3. Whether choose to read the punctuation freely . 4. While read Wave file,only confirming,could realize operating relevantly . 5. Realize "reading aloud from cursor" that begins to be read from any position. 6. When text changed, holding functions give you tip whether to save text. 7. Control the text process, it is convenient to use. 8. Speech Voices online download function, don't know position of voices,click "download" to finish install. 9. Shielding function, hide the speech voices not needed temporarily , use repairing function while needing. 10. Repair function, can repair when engine has some problem , especially to XP users. 11. Upgrade online function, can upgrade to the latest version at any time . 12, Support for Windows Vista OS. Reading article on computer that eyes turn sour, when you are unable to understand English hearing and worry, please try the SmartRead. homepage: Email:
Version 0.80
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Would not load in Vista.
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